Saturday, the 17th of March 2018, first day back

It’s 1° C outside with a 70% chance of snow according to the forecast, but actually 100% chance because it’s snowing right now. The allotment is a boggy muddy swamp and the mud has caked my Wellington boots making my feet cold. But there are still three lines of potatoes to take out from last year. Désirée type.

Some of the potatoes had suffered frost damage but most of them were okay despite being in the ground over winter. A big bag went to the office staff as usual, a carrier bag of frost damaged ones will go in the bin, and quite a large bag of Désirées will go home with me.

There was only one other person there and they only turned up for five minutes. I was left by myself, squelching through the mud for most of the morning.

It has taken about 2 1/2 hours to take up the three lines and carry them back to my car. Only one job left to do this morning: I need to visit the garden centre to get some compost for some homegrown potatoes that are chitting on the windowsill in the kitchen.