Rhubarb has really grown over the past three weeks

After a short trip to the allotment last night. A little scouting trip. I discovered that the main crop of rhubarb had really sprung up over the past three weeks.

This morning at 7:30 AM I’ve made a trip to the allotment so I can begin doing some work this year.

The first job is to cover the long allotment plot next to the wall with tarpaulin weed suppressant. This has done a fantastic job and has kept the weeds at bay. I spent around 30 minutes laying a tarpaulin over the remainder of the long plot next to the wall so I wouldn’t have to bother weeding that long area every time I visited the plot this year.

Another 30 minutes was spent mowing the borders surrounding my plots. The grass has grown around 6 inches in the past few weeks and it was really looking untidy. It is the borders that I will be concentrating on this year. The edging that I put in as an experiment last year is looking really good and so I need to get on and do the rest of the plot because the grass is starting to encroach seriously into my main plot.

It is only a short trip this morning I was finished by 9 AM. There might be another short trip to the allotment tonight just to pick some of the rhubarb and to get some help with measuring the edges of the plot so I can get enough wood to shutter the edges properly.