Quick evening trip

Today is Tuesday, the 24th of April and tonight (and today) the rain has managed to just hold off enough for me to leave work roughly on time and to get to the allotment at around 5:50 PM. That is very very good going.

The job for this evening is to clear as much of the surface weeds as possible. I managed to do this for 1/2 of the plot and it took over an hour. The other job was to take the Desiree potatoes that have been chatting on the windowsill for around one month and to plant them in the newly cleared half of the plot. Directly in the middle and away from the borders so that at least I have something growing this year. The Desiree potatoes are the ones that are leftover from last year, the ones I dug up at the beginning of this year. So far I haven’t spent any money on potatoes.

The borders of the plot are the worst part this year, although that is expected because I had already decided this would be the main effort this year. That is saying something because by the end of the the night I had a full bag of weeds and couch grass taken from half of the plot without even touching any of the borders.

The last thing to do before packing up and heading off home at around 7:30 PM is to pull up some of the huge rhubarb. I collected eight stems tonight and they only just fit on the back seat of the car they are that big. That particular rhubarb plant is in fact so huge it seems to be stressing out it’s two neighbouring rhubarb plants and making them flower early, I suspect over the next year or two it will grow so large that the two smaller rhubarb plants will die. I will consider moving them to my second plot against the wall.