Starting the border

It has just been the hottest early May bank holiday on record since 1978. It’s now after sunset on the Sunday night and I have just finished a small task. I’ve started the border at the allotment.

I did most of my digging at home in the back garden this weekend. Tidying up the ground near the bottom of the garden. Just some minor clearing of dirt and trips to the tip. But with this work I am neglecting the allotment.

At least I had organised the wood this weekend. Completed the preparation work by taking stakes down to the plot and buying the wood used for edging … and then finally at the last minute just before sunset, I visited the allotment to try out putting one edge board in.

Not totally successful, however several things to take away the next time I visit. Number one, sharpen the stakes a little bit more so they go in easier. Number two, shorten the stakes so I don’t have to bash them into the ground as far. Number three, lower the board so it is slightly below grass level. The stakes need to go below ground level and it’s obvious that hasn’t happened here but it was just a trial run.

The first try was fairly successful. I will know better next time.