Quick Sunday border cutting

Again, this weekend I have spent most of my time clearing the back garden at home neglecting the allotment. But, the borders at the allotment could not wait any longer and so the very last few hours of Sunday were spent with the lawnmower doing the edges of the path’s surrounding my plot.

Once that was finished — all that was needed was to break out the tarpaulin weed suppressant material and cover the far end of my plot. This is going to help the effort this year because it will keep the weeds down on one half of the allotment while I finish the borders at the other end. Then eventually I will switch over and do it in reverse: covering the opposite half where the borders are finished and concentrating on the half that is now uncovered.

Some old faces were around this evening, all enjoying the sunny day and their allotment plots. Some other people I saw last weekend and have gone on holiday — probably they are enjoying the weather next to the beach. Not a bad compromise.

The remainder of the borders will wait for a while. I need to stock up on more boards in the interim few weeks. Then I will hit it hard again for a weekend. That’s my to-do plan.