More border work

So it’s was another glorious day again today (Saturday). Scorching sunshine as you can see from the colour of the grass… and I was at the allotment by 9am ready to spend a few hours fixing up the borders. Hoping I would be finished before the sun got to hot.

I must have spent 4 hours putting in just two edge planks. A lot slower than I thought it would be. The soil was solid where the grass had grown over into the plot and I spent most of my time hitting it with the side of the spade to crack the grass layer so I could get my fork in.

But at the end.. it now looks a lot better than it did before and I can be sure it will remain looking something like this for many years to come now I have tamed the grassy edge.

There is still a little back filling to do and I would like make the grass border flatter and more even: to make cutting the grass a lot easier in future. Possibly that will wait until later in the year once I’ve finished the remainder of this edge.

It’s looking good however.

Possibly though, not as good as my sunburned neck.