Keeping on top of the weeds

Today is Saturday 11th August 2018. I managed to get to the allotment early this morning I was here by 7 AM. I have spent just two hours clearing off the top surface of weeds.

The top half of the plot looks really clean. Except for one side which needs straightening and the boards along the edge need sorting out. That will be my next job, and after that side is done properly I will have completed half of the allotment.

I plan to make it exactly 5 m across. The existing weed suppressant sheeting that is currently covering the far end of the plot will then be able to be moved up to the beginning of the plot — The side that I have nearly finished. Then with that part covered I will be able to make a start on the other half of the plot.

That is the plan.

I did manage to give away some potatoes. There were a few plants that I grew from spuds that made it from last year. Those potatoes went to a neighbour. I will harvest the reminder for next time I am at the allotment.

Hopefully Sunday will be clear tomorrow, although I have heard that the weather will turn this afternoon and then clear up on Monday. We will have to see.