A sack of potatoes — just one

It’s mid week. Tuesday evening, and the weather is okay I can see blue sky. Maybe there are a few dark clouds in the distance. But there is no rain.

It rained mostly on Sunday, and Monday. Which meant that the ground had been well soaked through for tonight’s digging expedition.

The aim for tonight’s hour of digging was to remove the potatoes that have been growing in the half of the plot that I am fixing the border in. With a view to clearing it completely. This would therefore make way for the third side of the border, quickly followed by moving the weed suppressant membrane to cover that area for the rest of the year.

With half of the plot covered I could then continue on the other half. Completing the same again, fixing the borders, clearing the weeds, and laying down more sheets of weed suppressant tarpaulin. I intend to use the tarpaulin in future on parts of the plot that I am not currently growing anything in. In that way I will be able to keep on top of the weeds, and keep the borders tidy.

That is the aim, and it is slowly coming together.

For my troubles tonight, and probably for the first time this year I am leaving the plot with a crop of Desiree potatoes (and a few handfuls of first early Charlotte type potatoes).