Digging through the brick layer

Today’s trip to the allotment. It is Sunday 19th of August. I was up fairly early this morning, and after packing the car with the equipment needed to complete more of the border with wooden boards, I managed to get to the allotment by 9 AM.

I only took one piece of wood for the border. My intention was to extend the end of the allotment border to be exactly 5 m long and then take the replaced board and use it to start the third side.

As I hammered the stakes into the ground I suddenly realised that one side of the allotment was giving more resistance than the other sides. As I dug down it became obvious I’d hit an old path. All of the stakes were dented! The underground path ran in the same direction as the current allotment path but was about one and a half spades down. The top layer was a light slab and the underside was red brick. It ran the top length of my allotment plot and made hammering stakes impossible. I had to dig down individually for each stake in order to get any hold.

It was fairly tough going and for three stakes it took me an hour and a half to do.

The replaced piece of board, which was used for starting the third side of the allotment, was much easier and the stakes went in without any resistance. I finished clearing the grass and fitting that board in about 1 hour.

It looks as though the final two boards should be quite easy work and hopefully I will have finished half of the plot be next weekend. We will see.