Putting down the second sheeting

Today is Sunday, the 9th of September, and I was at the allotment by 8:45 AM. Now 2 1/2 hours later, I have finished putting the second sheeting down and made a start on the other half of the allotment.

The second half of the allotment was only partly covered. Some weeds and potatoes had grown down at the far end of the plot. So it took some time to clear this area (marginally) before covering it with another 5 x 5 m sheet of weed suppressant material.

I will need to buy a new piece of weed suppressant material because one of the pieces was not suitable for the allotment. One sheet of weed suppressant material was waterproof and would not allow the soil to breathe. I expect this would kill the soil over time, so although I have placed that sheet down at the far end of the plot I will not keep it for more than a week (if I can help it).

Taking a picture of all four corners of the allotment, shows that two sides are nice and straight and clear and covered. Opposite side of the allotment is not quite so neat and although I have put down suppressant sheeting the edges nowhere near as clean underneath. This half of the plot will take a fair amount of time to get finished.