Rhubarb transplant

A small job to do before winter really sets in. Before the ground goes hard. Before it rains so much my wellies become caked in mud and freeze my toes. I need to move the smaller rhubarb plant.

The biggest rhubarb plant on my plot has already killed off one of three rhubarb plants I had in. And the second largest is put under severe pressure so that it immediately tries to flower before getting overcome by its larger neighbour.

I know somebody who can give it a good home.

So, today’s job is to dig out the smaller of the two rhubarb plants that are remaining and transplant it from the allotment into a friend’s garden. It will have a better life there.

The smaller rhubarb plant is still much too large to carry on my own, so I am going to invest help in lifting it … from the allotment into my car boot. The plan is to use a large piece of tarpaulin to cradle it out of the allotment and down the main road. Then it will be transported all the way to its new home.

Just before going home. There was a small amount of time left over to make a start on the second half borders. Not much for done but at least it was a start. All in all I managed 4 hours at the plot today. I keep forgetting how much I enjoy going down there. For lunch I got a long sick and knocked down some high apples. There were very few people around today, I was mostly kept entertained by a robin in the nearest tree. But the sky was blue and I got a lot finished. It was a successful day.