Probably the last day before 2019

On the way to the allotment this afternoon, about one hour before the sunset, I was going fairly steadily down the back roads when a silly pheasant walked out in front of my car. I slammed the brakes on, and missed it thank goodness. This I thought, could be the last time this year I would go to the plot, because the nights are drawing in very quickly and before long it will be too dark and cold to do any sort of work on the plot. The last thing I wanted to do was to squash something.

I arrived at the plot at around 3:15 PM. Plenty of time to do a small amount of digging along the borders, remove some turf, turn it upside down and straighten the edges.

I did most of it last weekend. All I really wanted to do tonight (this afternoon, although it is going dark very quickly) was to move the weed suppressant sheeting from one end of the plot to the other. Just to make the allotment ready for the winter.

I managed all of this. Probably this will do for winter, and unless the weather holds out for another weekend, I expect this will be the last time I will be going down to the plot until February or March next year, 2019.

I suppose, if the weather is good one weekend during December, then I might do some autumn digging on the clear part of the plot. That would be good. But that would all depend on the weather. But I expect with Christmas on the doorstep and the usual rush at work while panic ensues before the hols — it will be next year before I do any more.