My plot #22 could be gone

The AGM letter has been posted through my door. This year the usual invoice also came with a letter of notification about the proposed changes to the allotment.

It said, the allotment holders have been advised that an area covering a large portion of the centre of the allotment in the walled garden has been identified for a possible change of use. The area is marked for composting and chipping, essentially taking the land away from the allotment holders and returning it to the lease provider.

My main plot is number 22. I also hold number 25, but really I only hold that one to keep it under control after the previous owner left and the weeds started to grow.

The lease provider of the allotment land, owns plots number 26 and 24, although 24 is made up of grass that is at least knee high, and 26 seems to be used as a dumping ground for their plastic trays.

Plot numbers 23 and 24 are owned by the same person, and I think they have a third plot. Three plots must be a struggle to keep up I think. Plot number 13A doesn’t have an owner at the moment: the last owner was evicted and they went leaving the plot in a poor state and full of large plastic containers.

The last plot is number 13B, and that is in a good state: always tended. A lot of hard work has gone into that one, a lot like mine, number 22.

There are therefore a reduced number of people in this local vicinity that would be directly affected and if the change-of-use for the land is approved by the other allotment holders, I would find it difficult to fight the landowner on my own over this. If this turns out to be the case, I would need to cancel my membership and go elsewhere.

Further discussions on this topic seems to have been halted until the date of the AGM. The landowner is going to be present at this meeting, and will deliver their proposals for the change-of-use. I guess we will find out on the 16th of March.