No Elvis but there is the 1st rhubarb of the year!

So it’s Monday, the 20th of March, and it’s about 6:45 in the evening. I’ve just visited the allotment with the primary aim of feeding the garden cat, Elvis! But, Elvis was nowhere to be found. Not near the rope swing, not near the crows in the tall trees, not near the rose garden or the orchard, and not in the walled allotment garden area or at the gate to the allotment. Not anywhere to be found.

Catfood has gone back into the car.

But, not all is lost because a visit to the allotment also meant a check for rhubarb, and seven of the largest stems are now mine. Last year I didn’t harvest much from this rhubarb plant, and I also removed both competitors, the two small rhubarb plants from either side of this big one. So I feel justified in picking some rhubarb at this very early stage. The stems are as long as my arm already, and I only picked seven, so it won’t do any harm.

Check out the picture!