Second half sachet for Elvis

It’s Friday, the 22nd of March 2019 and it’s just turned 6:30 in the evening. Elvis the garden cat in the walled garden allotment has just finished the second half of yesterday’s cat food sachet.

Once again, as I entered the allotment gates the cat appeared out of the small line of hedges running down the centre of the allotment. She then followed me to the other end of the walled garden, where I dispensed today’s catfood. It looks as though the cat is expecting me now. She has learned that I will arrive with food. That didn’t take long for her to learn that!

Once tonight’s cat duties have been finished, I headed back to the car. At this time of year it starts to go dark roughly around 6:30 pm so I made it, just in time to feed Elvis tonight.

Later on back at home, the rhubarb I had picked earlier in the week had been turned into crumble. A full bowl of rhubarb crumble with custard was waiting for me!

… very nice!