Film crew, Robin, rhubarb and Elvis

As I parked the car outside the grounds tonight, Elvis the cat was waiting. This is exceptionally strange! Elvis has never ever gone this far away from her usual place inside the grounds. There can only be one reason, she is starving and had gone looking for food.

She followed me in through the main gates, past the main house, through the garden and into the allotment, then all the way to the other side of the walled garden, where I gave her some cat food. She really was starving. So, I gave her the contents of one cat food sachet in thirds, and she didn’t manage to finish the last bit, because she was too full. But, when I left she was looking a lot happier and a lot more sprightly. I will have to visit more often.

While the garden cat ate the food, a robin sat on a branch nearby and began to sing. I sat on the wooden bench while the cat had some food and listened to the birds singing and the rooks cawing in the high trees.

After that I went to pick some more rhubarb, but only five stems tonight because they are so huge. That will make quite a few portions of rhubarb crumble for desert later on in the week.

The allotment hasn’t changed, the grass will probably need cutting in maybe three weeks from now. But for now there is nothing to do. My hard work clearing and covering has served me well. The seedlings at home are growing and as soon as the risk of frost has disappeared I will be planting!

When I left, Elvis the cat was looking a lot happier. Her tail was up.

As I walked out of the garden, the main house looked like they had finished filming. The equipment has nearly all been cleared away. The film crew has been here all week, and I have seen it from the car window as I have passed on the main road to work in the morning. Apparently Johnny Depp had been seen somewhere in the village. That usually only happens after they have finished filming. I’ve never seen anybody famous though.