My neighbour’s colourful tulip plot

Out of the four sides to my allotment, this part is the best, and out of all of the allotment plots, this one is by far the most advanced and colourful!

It amounts to one eighth of the perimeter to my allotment. This small plot is how it should be done.

While we were there today several things happened. Nothing to do with my allotment though. Not yet. I’m still getting the seedlings ready.

First, Elvis was around. She was sitting on a plot at the far side of the garden and ran to meet us when we arrived. She was fed a whole sachet of cat food.

Second, a large helicopter flew in and landed nearby (it looked like the royal helicopter again). I’ve seen it fly around here before and as it came into land it circled the main house and flew over the walled garden.

Third, there’s another allotment meeting at the end of this month … Something else for the calendar. Continued management of the walled garden allotment by the new sub-committee.

After our short ‘observation’ visit of the allotment we returned into the village and took the little one to the play area. It was a warm day and we ended it by sitting on the park bench eating ice-cream. It wasn’t such a difficult day.