Trellis for the Tayberry plant

At last! It has been several years in the process, but finally the teyberry plant has managed to be transported from the long plot where it was waiting … waiting that is, for a neat space on the main plot. The trellis is simple. There are three main stakes, and four crossbars making a simple frame. It’s capable of expansion both horizontally (to the left) and in-between the crossbars to make room for more tayberry streamers as they grow.

This was completed in just one hour in the morning during my day off work the other week — with plenty of help from my dad. It was a super sunny day and we had a little time before lunch to spend, fixing up some trellis before it was too late to transplant the taybury.

The plot (as you can see) to the right of mine is a bit of a mess still, but this is the landowner’s area that they just cleared the other week. Their borders are a bit wonky still, and it will make cutting the grass difficult down this edge now, but this side is on my list of things to sort out anyway …