Rotavating the long plot

Tonight I spent one hour 40 minutes down at the allotment. The only job tonight has been to rotavate the long plot using a mechanical machine with two forks for wheels. This turns the soil and churns the ground. It is a monster machine, and the first time I have used it. Unfortunately it was a necessity because the long plot is just too much work for me.

Because the long plot has been under tarpaulin for nearly 2 years, and has been used for upturned turf which had been gradually cleared from my main plot, the soil is quite dark and weed free. It looks nice once it’s been churned.

I have used some of this soil to fill in the gaps down the side of my main plot. To fix the border. This uses up some of the turf that came from home to fill in the gaps between the boards.

It looks fairly neat now down the edges, although only time will tell if I have turfed those edges properly and the grass will take. I expect however, even if it doesn’t take properly, it will look okay in the end. The main job is really to flatten out the borders of the plot, so cutting the grass is not such a chore in future.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I fed Elvis as well.