A small meeting at the allotment

Tonight is Thursday, the 25th of April 2019, and unfortunately the weather is fine. There is blue sky, the Sun is just going down but it is still warm, and because of this the subcommittee meeting is held outside at the Allotment and not in the pub. What a shame.

We had the meeting under the shelter just outside the gate to the walled allotment garden.

The meeting took about an hour and a half to complete. There was plenty of conversation and many topics were covered. Things like the use of pesticides (which everybody thought was a bad idea), the possibility of having a communal plot, maybe having some sort of plant sharing scheme. There was a request for a new tap to be put into the allotment, somewhere in the middle or at least having them spread around the allotment garden more evenly than they currently are. And probably the best discussion, was a social side to the allotment association. Something which used to exist in the past but which has disappeared now.

Lots of things wree discussed, and many things are going to be passed on to the main committee. We are only a subcommittee, and can’t really decide anything. But it was very productive nonetheless.

It was a disappointment however that we couldn’t do it in the pub. Maybe next time they will pick a day when it’s raining.