Potting on the Autumn Beauty sunflowers

This weekend there has been some time to pot on the sunflowers I have grown from seed. Well, at least some of them. There are quite a few sunflowers I have grown in these little pots and nearly all of them have turned out well. I will need to buy several more of the larger pots in order to accommodate the seedlings into a pot each.

The picture shows how the roots from the sunflowers have grown through the paper pot itself. It was quite a delicate process to separate up to three sunflower seedlings from each smaller pot and transplant then into a new larger pot each.

The roots were not just tangled but had also pushed through the paper in places. This meant a lot of care had to be taken when pulling the seedlings out. In future, next year, I will ensure I put one seed in each pot just to make life easier for myself.

I intend to put these plants into the long (spare) plot at the allotment … against the wall. Each plant should be quite large in size eventually so there should be plenty for that long area.