Finished the trellis for the Tayberry plants

Recently, one of my jobs was to finish the trellis for the Tayberry plant. I turned up to the allotment with hand saw, screws and electric drill in hand only to discover my way blocked by about 30 American tourists. They were looking at the Abbey through the main gate, my only way into the walled garden.

One or two clever comments later about how I was going to plant potatoes using a spirit level, and I was passed them and into the main grounds. I could hear the tourists as they wandered off talking about Harry Potter.

The job itself only took a short while to complete. Fairly easy but only possible using one hand to do and fix the holes (due to me being the only person in the place that evening) — the other hand was needed to steady and level the cross bar.

Then it was done. Another job crossed off my list. The tayberry is now in good shape to take very little effort for the rest of the season.