Looking great! The best I ever remember

My neighbours are all working hard! Plots number 24 and 23 have been worked over. On the right of this picture you can see those plots are looking really clear. It’s incredible! The past few years I’ve been hemmed in on all but half of one side with weedy plots. But today, only the far side edge is still not done. The two main sides are being worked.

Somebody has taken on plot number 13A, the small square plot in the left of this photo. This has taken a lot of hard work! A significant effort to clear this plot was needed and they have done magnificently to get this far.

My plot is in the centre. The edges from this angle are looking nice and straight and neat. The plot areas are looking for for now. Maybe a little work this weekend would be needed to cut the grass and hoe the surface where the beetroot have been planted maybe.

The main job on my plot is out of sight in the distance in this photo. I will need to put the borders in on the far side and that is a significant job. Then I will need to remove and transplant the small rhubarb plant to the other plot. Plenty of jobs to do!