Amazing sky tonight!

The walled garden allotment is looking especially amazing tonight. As I walked into the front gate the sky was bright blue, all seemed quiet near the Abbey. The only activity seemed to be high above me — the swifts and swallows were darting about chasing their evening meals.

It was a grass cutting event tonight. That was the plan. The borders are looking ready to cut and the work I’ve done on then is beginning to pay off. I ran the lawnmower around in record time. Also I now have a strimmer with a battery, so I can cut in the edges really easily. I was done and had time to spare.

The potatoes were next.

The line I had covered up previously (earliest) have started to pop up. But the other two lines have only just begun to break the surface. So I covered them so I didn’t have to continually check their state.

A little bit of watering was next. Then it was time to go home. Just as I started to pack up, I looked up from my work and saw the sky. It was incredible colours tonight.