A serious amount of weeding

Thursday 6th June 2019. I’ve managed around 3 hours down at the allotment. When I arrived at about 6:30pm I was the only person there. But that didn’t last long and many others turned up.

It is weeding night. I had already decided before I arrived. The weather was good. Very dry. The ground was hard and the weeds easy to remove as long as I got the dirt with the trowel to knock the solid soil off the root.

Also. While I was busy weeding, kneeling down with my small fork, who should come along looking for food? Elvis the garden cat.

Very, very happy to see me tonight. Elvis stayed with me for about 30 minutes. Wandering back and forth between the bowl of cat food and me. I’ve never seen the garden cat like this before. I think she was happy for the company (and the food).

It took around 3 hours to weed the sweetcorn and the French beans. Hands and knees all the way. But it was worth it šŸ˜Ž