Roasting Sunday (7 July 2019)

This morning, before anybody was out of bed at home, I made a trip the allotment. I was there by around 9:15am. Not that early. But, what an amazing day today is going to be. A scorcher. The weather promises to be roasting hot, scorching, the ground will be very dry. Perfect for weed pulling … all of the plants are doing really well, sweetcorn, the beetroot, potatoes, the French beans, tayberry, the rhubarb, the lettuce, the cucumbers, the horseradish! Nothing is doing badly (unless you count the plants I neglected before they were planted in the allotment, so I am maybe discounting the squash and the pumpkin and the cabbage which the pigeons really seem to have taken to).

Today the main job that I decided to do was: pull up all the weeds I have grow in between potatoes. There were quite a few of them, and it look an hour harvesting weeds. The garden cat, Elvis, arrived and wanted some food. I had a sashay of catfood in my compost bin and I gave Elvis half. I’ve put the remainder on top of my compost bin intending to give Elvis the rest later. But while my back was turned the cat jumped on top of the bin and finished off the half that was left over. Elvis decided it would be a good rest after eating breakfast to go and have a lie down and a snooze in between my sweet corn plans.

I finished off the weeding, it took about an hour and a half in the end. Then I used the hose pipe to give everything a good drink. All the plants got a good soak! By this time the sun was beating down quite hard, and the people that have arrived at the allotment this morning had disappearer. In fact there was just me left when I packed up and picked up a lettuce or two for the guinea pigs, before setting off home. The time will be about 11:15.

Just a quick two hour Sunday sunny trip to the allotment! If I had time, I probably would’ve spend a whole day there! What a fantastic place!