Taking up the spuds

It was the very last hour of Sunday night, just before it started to go dark. I managed to make some time to go to the allotment. It’s been raining most of the week but the weekend has been quite clear… So really there’s no excuse, I have to make time.

On the list of things to do.

1. Dig up the spuds

2. Take the pumpkins home

3. Harvest the marrow

I managed to do all three in about one hour. The patch of land that the spuds were under looks a lot better for being dug up. I managed to get two small trays of potatoes — and I’m not certain who will get these. The pumpkins will probably be used for carvings.

What to do with the marrow? I’m not sure. I guess this might go into some soups.

Probably around four or five hours over the next few weekends will need to be found in order to clear up the last of the allotment before winter hits. The weather forecast doesn’t look that great, so I will have to pick my times carefully.