First dig of the year

Friday, the 10th of January 2020.

Friday afternoon just before sunset I did a quick visit to the allotment plot. Mainly to cover up part of the half I had left unfinished from November last year and partly because I had not been since November last year and I needed to assess what was remaining .

Over Christmas I had received a letter notifying about the AGM which had been been brought forward into January. In fact, the AGM was now dated the 18th of January: next Saturday!

I did a little bit of clearing was managed before the sunset and pitch blackness descended. Maybe about 20 minutes was accomplished — not much really, but the dark evenings and allotment digging don’t really go hand in hand easily with a full time job.

Some of the weeds were still alive, some of the grass seem like it was growing. I expected the cold of the winter to kill off lots of the hugs and stop other things growing, however the weather has not been very cold over Christmas this year. Some of the ground I had turned over in November had started to grow grass.

But I finished what I needed to do and covered up some more of the plot. I intend to dig and clear more soon if the weather allows…