The 2020 AGM meeting (a new earlier date)

The annual general meeting this year happened early, in January, instead of March or April like it used to do. An earlier date for this meeting is part of the changes which have been made since last year’s AGM meeting.

Last year’s AGM was a marathon of things going wrong for the Allotment Association — not least because of the previous owner’s proposal to take over the allotment garden with a large industrial composing section in the central area of the garden plots. This would have ruined the allotment all together and put a stop to hundreds and hundreds of years of an allotment garden being situated on this site.

But this year, the AGM was the complete opposite. And this was totally due to the people who have come forward in the last year to help run the gardens, assist with liaising with the owners and bring back the community side into the allotment gardens again.

I’ve got two plots again, number 22 as usual and number 25 ( the long one against the wall) but I intend to hand the long one back this year. My good intentions for the year are to clean up the borders surrounding my plot and hand back the long 25 plot… let’s see if I do it 😋