Plot check on Sunday the 1st March, 2020

Today is a bright blue sunny spring day, but it is wet, very wet. As I drive up to the main gates of the grounds I have had to take the long way round again. The roads are flooded like they were last week. I can see in the distance the sun light glistening off the water which is filling the fields, the floodplains all full from the overspill from the River Avon. The road across the wharf bridge is under water. Earlier yesterday, we took a trip to see how far this water went and it had even drowned out the village down the road.

It is mild weather. The flowers have started to come up through the ground and as I walk in through the main gates the crocus plants have started. Daffodils are in bloom on the side of the road and I’ve noticed that trees and hedges have started to bud.

I’ve only come down to check very quickly over the allotment parts I dug last week. The long plot against the wall. But when I get there I see that although there were high winds and rains throughout the week (because of the latest storm, J, not E apparently) there’s been no affect on my plots. Nothing to do! Great news! It looks nice and neat just like it did last week.

So, I guess the only thing to do is to neaten up the tarpaulin and black sheeting, and then go for a nice breakfast and a cup of tea, and think about what I intend to do when it gets a little bit drier! 🙂