What’s in the organic compost heap today? (nothing good)

Today is Saturday 14th March 3020. I got to the allotment shortly after dawn: 6:42 am to 9:38 am I spent at the plot this morning. The birds were singing in the trees, the garden cat was pottering about, I was the only person there 😊

It had been raining through the night, so the ground was quite soggy. But I am here totally to do the last of the compost heap work, not to work over the ground. So it doesn’t matter.

After last weeks effort, I expected most of the organic compost heap to be going onto my main plot. But unfortunately this was not the case — just like last week I started to dig into the compost heap only to find it was actually full of rubbish.

So I spent my time sifting out all of the garbage, cataloguing it into piles of weeds and rubbish and then bagging it up ready to go to the council tip when it opened at 10 am this morning. Out of one hole in the ground and into the next.

The reminder of the soil from the compost heap remained where it started, on the long plot by the wall.

Things on the organic compost list today include:

– Plastic bags, and more plastic bags
– Melted plastic bottles
– Crisp packets
– Brylcreem bottle
– Three large bones
– Plastic netting
– Nylon string
– Broken wineglass
– Plastic cups
– Burnt plastic gloves
– Ceramics
– Polystyrene seed trays
– Concrete
– Unknown plastic dispenser tube
– Plastic plant pots