Clearing away the scrap metal

The date today is the 21st of March 2020, it’s a Saturday and the weather is quite good outside this morning. It’s bright and sunny. At 9 o’clock I set off to the allotment. As expected, when I got there nobody was around. It has been pretty quiet for the past few weekends and I expected this weekend to be no different.

I had been planning a trip to the allotment to clear up the last of the debris from the compost heap for a week now. Something to take the focus away from covid-19 was definitely needed. This week has been very busy outside of the allotment. Working conditions have changed, physical separation has happened at work and everybody is working shift patterns. They have split the workforce into four groups and allowed people to work from home. Many places outside of work are all closing down, social distancing is now very important. The allotment would seem to be one of the best places for that sort of thing — is outside and there is rarely anybody there in the morning.

The last of the compost heap scrap metals

When I arrived at the allotment everything was piled up ready for me to take: corrugated iron, metal bars and stakes and an old rusty wheelbarrow. All of these need to be taken away, off along plot against the wall and to the scrap metal bin at the council tip.

As it happened I needed to make two trips to the local tip because there was so much and I wasn’t able to fit it all in the car. But the whole place looks a lot better now that the rubbish has been cleared.

I cleared some more weeds while I was there. Tidied up the soil and the quickly rotorvated the plot to even out the surface. The place now looks indistinguishable from what it used to look like a few weekends ago!