Damson gin recipe

Over the weekend I bought some gin to go with the damsons that came off the wind battered tree at the allotment.

Damson gin in progress

Ingredients for each… 500g damsons; 250g golden caster sugar; 700 ml bottle(s) of gin.

Rinse the damsons and remove any leaves and stalks; pat then dry, and put them in a freezer bag; freeze overnight or until solid. When solid bash the bag of damsons with a rolling pin and then tip everything into 1.2 litre jar.

Freezing the damsons and then giving them a good whacking helps to release the damson juice. I didn’t stop at a couple of hits, but I bashed the frozen fruits up until they were all damaged in some way. Since I intend to filter the condition before I bottle them up, I didn’t see the need to get dainty with a toothpick and individually prick each damson.

They will stay in a cool dark cupboard until Christmas. So, about 4 months away.