A brand-new compost bin

Monday, the 31st of August 2010. I was at the allotment just after 8 am this morning, my plan was to build a brand new compost bin and start removing some of the compost from the large dump near the shed.

The dumping ground (compost) next to the shed has made its way up the wall and has also been spilling out over the ground next to the shed. A new compost bin is needed to start removing the overflow and allow the wall to start to dry.

New compost area

Yesterday I cut nine posts. This morning I turned up at the plot and drove them all into the ground. Each one was at a 90 cm centre, which meant that I could put 180 cm boards in between the posts. This worked out quite well.

All in all I spent about four hours today down at the allotment. All of it was building this new compost bin. But now at least we can tidy up the area next to the shed.

More plastic fly tipping in the composing areas

It definitely needs a lot of tidying. As I was digging next to the compost bin I unearthed a very large container of plastics. It seems that the dumping ground was not just for grass clippings!