Starting to dig out the horseradish

The temperatures dropped again and it’s about 6° outside. Still it’s not that cold, it’s clear although the sky is grey, it’s still a nice day.

There are a few people down at the allotment when I arrive at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon. It’s Friday, the 5th of March 2021, I’ve finished for the day (working from home again). I needed to get out a bit.

The idea this year is to make a really big effort planting things. Last year was a year of digging and making a path. Not planting anything because I didn’t have time, but this year with all the lockdown continuing in one form or another I’m should have plenty of time to visit the allotment and tend to the plants I should be growing.

First job is first though. I need to get rid of this gigantic horseradish plant before it takes over and starts sprouting up halfway down the plot. Even though I contained it in a plastic tub, it’s begun to escape. I noticed that some of the horseradish streamers had started popping up further along from the container. Now is the time to dig it out and get rid of it.

A pot brimming full of horseradish

To dig this monster out it’s going to take a very long time. There will be no help from anybody else (social distancing) and I will need to be careful pulling something so large out of the ground in one go. For that reason I’ve only done a little bit today, and I will come back over the next couple of days and gradually take all this horseradish away.

Last time I had this horseradish plant, uncontained, I was digging the damn thing out for over a year. Even though I’ve contained this one I expect the streamers that have escaped the plastic tub will be making my life miserable for the next year or so as I pick up little pieces of horseradish plant that start sprouting out of the ground.

I’ll have another go tomorrow! And get rid of this weed!