Pulling out 99% of the horseradish

Saturday, the 6th of March 2021. I was down at the lockdown allotment for about midday to continue with digging the horseradish out of the plot.

When I got there, there must’ve been three or four groups of people on various other plots in the Abbey Gardens allotments and it was the most number of people I had seen since September last year, easily. For the first time since then, eight months ago, I even saw my allotment neighbour. It really has been that long!

Pot bound horseradish

When I removed the plastic bin surrounding the horseradish plants, it was obvious it had become pot bound. That was exactly what I had intended — I had wanted it to get restricted from spreading out. But it had also split the edges of the container and forced its way down through the hole in the bottom — it had started to escape the container and begun to spread.

I started to dig it out piece by piece. Large chunks of horseradish sitting at the top of the were hacked out with the spade. As I got further down to the bottom, small pieces and streamers were pulled out of the ground, separated out and stored in the trug.

This was similar to the previous time I transplanted my horseradish … although without as much drama …


Horseradish out of the hole

By the end of my time out of the plot today, I had hacked out most of the horseradish plant. But I will need to come back again to finish off the bottom of the hole which still contains large pieces of plant. Then I will need to filter the soil to make sure there are no pieces left. This plant is a weed …