Filling in the horseradish hole

It’s my first day off work this year, Monday 8th March 2021. I’ve taken one day.

The day is quite perfect. Not too hot, not too cold, blue sky, just right for filling in the horseradish hole I dug the other day.

As I enter through the gate today Abbey Gardens I turn left and walk towards my allotment plot. On the plot next to mine, against the wall is an icy spot. An upturned compost bin lid has collected water. It is in the shade of the wall and has a thick sheet of ice on top of it. However, it’s not cold in the sun. I’m not cold. There is quite a a distinction between the shade of the wall and the bright sunshine falling on my main plot.

I collect all the things that I need together, wheelbarrow, riddle, separate bag for the stones I will be filtering, my trug for collecting the pieces of horseradish that I filter out. Then I begin .

Only angle drop now, just a small bit left to fill in

The idea today is to fill in as much the whole as possible. But before I start, I dig down a little bit further to remove the remains of the horseradish that grew out of the bottom of the plastic container. I soon see that there is too much of it, and the roots have gone down a lot deeper than I expected. So instead of digging it out I decide to put down a layer of stones on top of the remaining pieces of horseradish root that I can’t dig out. Putting down a hard-core layer on top of the horseradish, coupled with it being about 4 feet underground, I expect that will be the last I see that horseradish!

It takes about two hours of filtering out the remains of the horseradish from the piles of earth I had previously dug out, but by the end I had nearly filled in the hole.

I expect I will have one more visit, and a bit more filtering to do. But at least now there is no danger of anybody falling in the hole.

I pack up my things and go and sit on the garden bench under the apple tree. I had brought a flask of tea with me, so I sit there listening to the birds and drinking my tea for a bit. The main idea of this visit was to fill-in the hole, but also to forget about work for a while (if I could).