The horseradish hole is now filled!

Sunday, the 14th of March 2021, and it looks like the Abbey Gardens have missed the rain clouds today. While I was down at the allotment, it was raining back at home! But I didn’t even get a spot at the plot.

Today’s job was to fill-in the hole completely. This was done quite easily, with the riddle, the spade, the wheelbarrow and a little effort. I was finished in just over an hour. The horseradish hole has now completely disappeared.


For my next trick, I will pick up all of the hard plastics that somebody dumped in a big plastic crate underneath the organic compost heap. I will take them home, sort them out and recycle all of them. There doesn’t seem to be any point of digging them out of one hole only for me to drop them into another down at the landfill. So I will make the best effort to recycle everything.

That’s it for today. The time is now 25 minutes to 2 o’clock in the afternoon, And for the majority of the time today I was the only person down at the allotments. Just as I was packing up to new people turned up. They have taken over Martin’s old plot, as he now has decided to spend his time playing golf instead of splitting it between the golf course and the allotments! The two new people are Mark and Chloe, and they seem to be taking over Martin’s large plot quite well!

Time to drive home, and pick up something for tea tonight.