The first 🥇 carrot 🥕

The first stubby carrot from the tub was picked. That was quick, because I only planted them a few months ago.

It’s Sunday evening and we’ve all come to the allotment to do the watering. Two helpers this evening! While the watering was getting done I helped a little to fix the water pipe which seemed to be running a little slowly.

Elvis arrived and had a really nice relaxing time, getting stroked and plenty of attention from everybody, relaxing in the warm evening. Sitting around in the communal plot area … Even getting fed a little, but she wasn’t very hungry. She did have some blood on her claws, and at first we thought she had injured herself, but she was ok, so it looks like she had already caught her dinner. I’m secretly hoping it was The Scourge that was dinner.

The first stubby tub carrot

When the watering was finished we packed up and headed for the main gate. It was still really warm when we left, it will be a nice evening for Elvis the garden cat.