Wrong slats and horseradish remnants

Picked up the wrong wood. So, the slats that I put up last time on the allotment trellis are made out of the wrong wood. I didn’t see at the time, and today I picked up an identical batch of slats: also the wrong size. The wood hasn’t been treated either.

Horseradish bits

So it’s back to the drawing board on that one. Luckily I haven’t opened the second batch of slats so I can take those back tomorrow. I will look at redoing the trellis next time I have the proper materials.

While I was there however I did pick up some small pieces of horseradish which had started to grow. They were growing exactly where I expected them to be, which is why I hadn’t covered or planted anything in the soil in that area.

Tiny shards of horseradish had started to sprout and leaf. They were very easy to spot, and even easier to pick out! Straight into the bin when they go home otherwise they’ll be growing in the communal compost bin followed by random places across somebody else’s plot.