More and more tayberries

It’s 6:25 on Friday, the 9th of July 2021. I can see some rain clouds in the distance over the tops of the houses in the village. Just a couple, apart from that it’s been dry today. It will rain tomorrow however! Very heavy in the morning according to the forecast.

That means a trip to the allotment must be done because I’m a fair weather Gardner and I don’t go out in the rain.

Today’s trip has possibly been the fastest and most productive harvest trip ever! The tayberry plants were jammed with overripe tayberries. They just fell off in my hands and it was lucky I brought the larger plastic tub with me … I easily filled it!

Evie is not amused

Now. What to do with all of these fruits? They are beautifully ripe and so would go well in another crumble. But also I’m thinking, possibly, gin? Maybe jam? Possibly …

I’ll have to look up what is possible instead of just superb tayberry and apple crumble. As nice as it is, I don’t want to over do it.

On the way out I heard some meowing coming from near the lettuce patch. It was Elvis. She was lying down in between my lettuce and was looking for something to eat. Sorry Elvis, as I put down the tub of tayberries you thought you were getting something to eat! I haven’t brought anything sorry. I grabbed a few lettuce leaves for the guinea pigs back at home and then made a quick exit.

That’s it for today! But I think I can count that as my best visit so far.