Dropping off the rhubarb gin

I’ll take a couple of photos inside the allotment garden on my trip tonight, because it’s usually nice this time in the evening on a sunny day. Although it’s only been sunny for the last part of the day it has rained quite well since this morning.

Entering the allotment garden

That means there has been time enough to “harvest” the gin in the garage today. A rainy Saturday morning is probably the best time to do this sort of thing. That was the plan!

Although today, this morning has been quite a busy few hours and more abnormal than normal. It comprised of two parts: (1) second vaccine appointment for the older one; (2) 10-day self-isolation notification for the younger one (what glee that was: no school for 2 weeks). That’s just for the first two people in the household.

For me it was quite a lot easier. I had to collect some lateral flow tests from the chemist, just to keep us going for the next few weeks. Then it was time to do the rhubarb gin.

The bottling process was really easy, it just meant sieving it through a muslin cloth and then bottling it up and labelling each bottle individually. I’d say that took about 30 minutes in total. Hardly effort at all.

Later on that evening I decided to make a special trip to drop some off at the allotment. I’d sample some of it earlier and it was pretty good. It’s a nice evening and it’s 8:15 at night on Saturday, the 10th of July.

Quiet in the allotment garden

The allotment was empty, although that was expected because it’s been quite a wet day. There was a couple of people there but they were on the far side and so I didn’t really speak to them. Everything seems to be growing really well: the courgettes are going, lavender is okay. So I turned my attention to the tayberries again.

I placed a strategic bottle of gin on my neighbour’s plot, along with a small box full of tayberries is that I picked. That’s it for the evening. Quite an easy trip again.