Watering trip after a 32degC day

Late night watering trip at 9:30 at night on Tuesday, the 20th of July 2021.

Tonight after work, after cooking the tea et cetera et cetera, after watering some of the plants in the garden I managed to make it down to the plot. It’s been another scorching day and I wanted to make sure everything I’ve been given a good soaking because tomorrow was going to be another scorcher.

The weather forecast says thunder and lightning and heavy rain all day Saturday, but that means beautiful sunny sunny weather for the rest of the week. I need to give the plants a little bit of a chance until the weekend.

Courgette and lavender

Everything is doing very well! The potatoes are dying back now. The carrots I really need to be dug up as well. The courgettes are looking fantastic, but I’ve been told they need to get picked immediately otherwise they will be too big and start to lose their taste as their size increases.

That will be a job for later this week.

That’s it now, I talk to a few of the plot holders and wound up the hosepipe and now I’m on the way home.

Another good beautiful day.