Lots and lots of weeding

It’s Monday, the 26th of July and it’s just coming up to 9:30 in the evening.

It’s starting to go quite dark.

I have two giant plastic bags of weeds in the boot of the car. The idea being I should clear the plot as most of the vegetables have now reached a point where they should get picked, but I can’t quite see some of them because of all the weeds.

I came down at the weekend and did the same between the potatoes on the opposite side of the plot. During that time I picked a whole line of spuds, about 70 of them and several of the courgettes. Quite a lot of the courgettes actually. But there are plenty more.

Potatoes before and after

So as of this evening, the plot is looking fairly weed free again. There has been three huge bags full of weeds over the past few days which are going to make their way to the council tip. That’s going to happen tomorrow.

There’s nobody about now, I’m in the car getting ready to go home. The darkness is drawing in the street lights are showing more light than the sky now. The swifts and the swallows have all disappeared, they were flying above my head as I walked into the apartment earlier on. Quite high up in the sky, but now they’ve gone.

It’s not much fun collecting nothing from the allotment apart from weeds. I thought I’d passed that stage by now.