Tayberry vodka experiment

I spent Sunday bottling the vodka tayberry mixture I put in a couple weeks ago. I split it into two parts. First part I added vanilla. Second part I added lemon peel and cloves. This was because the tayberry mixture on its own tasted a little bit too much like cough medicine.

The vanilla made quite a bit of difference to the cough medicine taste, and because I used vanilla essence, this vodka was ready almost immediately. I strained it through cloth and bottled it straight away.

Tayberry lemon and cloves

So the recipe is like this. 1 L of vodka, 200 g of tayberries, 200 g of caster sugar. Leave that for two weeks and strain it through a cloth. Then there are two options.

  • First option would be to add vanilla extract. The ratio would be to add 4 teaspoons of vanilla to the recipe. This is ready immediately.
  • The second option is to add the juice of one lemon, the lemon peel of two lemons, and 4 cloves. This will need another few weeks before it is finished. That’s gone back into the garage to steep for a while longer.
Tayberry and vanilla vodka

I decided the lemon peel and clove recipe would be a good idea for the main tayberry gin idea this year. So I put together another 2 litres of tayberry and lemon & clove and stored that into the garage — ready in a few weeks.