Returning plot number 22

Returning plot number 22 to the Abbey Gardens allotment association.

I spent Sunday the 15th August clearing up the majority of the weeds from plot number 22. The intention was to make sure that the next person could take it on quite easily without needing to do any immediate work or weeding.

There are plenty of established plants. They will remain. Also there are some vegetables that will need to be dug up, so even though it is late in the season anybody taking on the plot will have some produce to take home.

I’ve left the black sheeting, each piece is 5x5m square and I straightened the borders of the plot so they were 5m wide. The next person can easily cover up and stop the weeds when they have not planted.

It’s in a good state for somebody new to take on, even this late in the season.

I had emailed the allotment association just before the AGM meeting on Friday the 13th August 2021, and when I spoke to people on the committee they were aware of the transfer.

Since my notification to the committee came on the eve of the AGM and the previous committee all resigned, the new committee was voted in during the AGM. It was as expected, there is some small confusions as the responsibility is shifted across, so although my notification was received — processing will take time.