Tayberry and lemon gin

Saturday 21 August 2021 and it’s gin day at home. The gin has been steeping since Saturday 25 July 2021.

Here’s the Tayberry and lemon gin. It’s taken a few weeks to sit in the back of the garage, but now it’s really ready to go.

The recipe is,

– 2100 ml of dry gin
– 400 g sugar
– 400 g tayberries
– 2 lemon peels
– juice 1/2 a lemon
– 2 cloves

Put all of that into a jar, mix it up until all of the sugar is dissolved and then put it into a dark, cool place for about a month.

Strain it throughout muslin cloth and then bottle it up and label it.

That’s it, almost all of the tayberries from this year are done; the last of the tayberries from the freezer are now used up. Just one more to go: the vodka.