Reconnaissance trip

It’s early on Sunday, the 18th of July 2021 and it’s going to be another scorching hot day with temperatures reaching around 30+ degrees C. Blue sky everywhere as I am already exiting the allotment at 8:30am in the morning: the temperature is already rising upwards.

I came down to the plot to drop off some potatoes, but probably it is too late to put them in so I’ve left them on the ground. I also brought down a tub full of weeds. Now there is a strange thing, bringing weeds to the allotment! As if there aren’t enough here already. But this tub of weeds had already been mulched down using plenty of water. And I was going to use the same tub to mulch down the weeds I picked the other night. So that was the plan: not to bring more weeds to the allotment but to bring a way to kill the weeds.

I was the first person in, but soon there were another four or five people who turned up. The day has started for everybody, just as I was going to leave and go home.

I invited everybody to pick more of my tayberries, because they were starting to fall off the branches again and needed eating. I picked a handful of chard which would probably go to the guinea pigs, although maybe I might eat it, I’m not sure yet.

Courgette medley and chard

And I took some photos of the upcoming courgette plants. They are looking very promising …

There’s a lot of work to do over the next few nights. The weeds are going to have to go on some of the potatoes have to come up. There is plenty of jobs to be thinking about.

Planting the chard and leeks

It’s Thursday, the 3rd of June 2021 and it’s 9:20 at night, but it’s still light outside.

I’ve just come out of the allotment where I did a bit of planting this evening. I put all the chard in, and I also put all of the leaks in as well. It was a beautiful evening, lots of people around doing digging and planting, it was very pleasant to be outside after spending all day at work.

Seedlings are in the raised bed now

I finished off the evening by breaking out the hosepipe and giving everything a really good soaking. The potatoes are all coming up really well, the beans are doing great also. As I was making my way back up the edge of the plot the bees were buzzing around the Tayberry plant. The whole plant was buzzing with bees all dotted across the flowers on the tayberry. The beetroot are all doing very well. There are quite a few weeds in between at the moment and that needs sorting out but the coming up extremely well.

The carrots! They are doing excellently, and I can see that they are already growing.

Elvis from last night

I did visit the allotments last night as well. Elvis was around at the time and I had some food in my car, so Elvis was treated to a nice bowl of cat nibbles. She was very pleased about that. She was here again this evening, but I didn’t have anything with me this time and I was busy planting, so she moved off after it became apparent she wasn’t going to get fed. Maybe next time.