Spuds digging and courgette picking

It’s a Sunny afternoon on Friday 23rd July 2021 … I made it to the allotment about 2:30pm and spent the next 3 hours clearing away the weeds between the potatoes.

Courgettes & spud line number 1

The first line of potatoes were dug out this afternoon. I took then home and gave them to the next door neighbour.

I took two courgettes and seven potatoes. There are plenty more of those to come.

Watering trip after a 32degC day

Late night watering trip at 9:30 at night on Tuesday, the 20th of July 2021.

Tonight after work, after cooking the tea et cetera et cetera, after watering some of the plants in the garden I managed to make it down to the plot. It’s been another scorching day and I wanted to make sure everything I’ve been given a good soaking because tomorrow was going to be another scorcher.

The weather forecast says thunder and lightning and heavy rain all day Saturday, but that means beautiful sunny sunny weather for the rest of the week. I need to give the plants a little bit of a chance until the weekend.

Courgette and lavender

Everything is doing very well! The potatoes are dying back now. The carrots I really need to be dug up as well. The courgettes are looking fantastic, but I’ve been told they need to get picked immediately otherwise they will be too big and start to lose their taste as their size increases.

That will be a job for later this week.

That’s it now, I talk to a few of the plot holders and wound up the hosepipe and now I’m on the way home.

Another good beautiful day.

Reconnaissance trip

It’s early on Sunday, the 18th of July 2021 and it’s going to be another scorching hot day with temperatures reaching around 30+ degrees C. Blue sky everywhere as I am already exiting the allotment at 8:30am in the morning: the temperature is already rising upwards.

I came down to the plot to drop off some potatoes, but probably it is too late to put them in so I’ve left them on the ground. I also brought down a tub full of weeds. Now there is a strange thing, bringing weeds to the allotment! As if there aren’t enough here already. But this tub of weeds had already been mulched down using plenty of water. And I was going to use the same tub to mulch down the weeds I picked the other night. So that was the plan: not to bring more weeds to the allotment but to bring a way to kill the weeds.

I was the first person in, but soon there were another four or five people who turned up. The day has started for everybody, just as I was going to leave and go home.

I invited everybody to pick more of my tayberries, because they were starting to fall off the branches again and needed eating. I picked a handful of chard which would probably go to the guinea pigs, although maybe I might eat it, I’m not sure yet.

Courgette medley and chard

And I took some photos of the upcoming courgette plants. They are looking very promising …

There’s a lot of work to do over the next few nights. The weeds are going to have to go on some of the potatoes have to come up. There is plenty of jobs to be thinking about.

Planting Lavender row

For the first time in over a year we went for lunch at the garden centre. That was at midday.

While I was there I bought seven large lavender plants for the far end of the allotment plot. The idea is I am building a large line of lavender that will grow together to make a small hedge like structure. This will be great for the bees! And butterflies!

So I headed off down to the plot, Sunday, the 6th of June 2021 at 16:15. There are quite a few people hanging around that afternoon, plenty of work going on on the surrounding areas, and plenty of people to talk to. There was a lot of chatting, and a bit of digging.

I put the seven lavender plants in at the far end of the plot, equally spaced across the whole length with an aim to make sure they grew together into a large long lavender hedge. This will take a few years.

Lavender row, first day

Next to that I put in six courgette plants which I had bought the day before at a different garden centre. So, that means most of the plot is now taken up with growing! This is probably the most, and varied amount of plants I have put into the plot ever since owning it…

Also I had to cover the kohlrabi which has been scoffed by the pigeons since yesterday when I put it in.

The last thing to do after giving the whole of the plot a huge soak with the hosepipe (which I fixed with a nozzle I also bought at the garden centre). That particular job took about 45 minutes.

After packing up and heading to the car I met Elvis the garden cat in the patch of grass outside the allotment garden. She looked very hungry, and I had some cat nibbles in the boot of my car. So after packing the car up with everything I headed back into the main gate and met up with Elvis on the grassed area outside the allotment gates. I spent about 15 minutes feeding Elvis.

Time now is about 8:15 at night and I can see the swifts and the swallows starting to come out to feed on the little flies and bugs, but it’s time for me to head home.