Plots 23 and 24 are looking amazing!!

Double exclamation points again. The plot 23 held by the land owner continues to improve and is looking great. Also, plot number 23 had recently been taken off an allotment holder and returned to general communal ownership by the allotment association: that is also looking fantastic! My plot can be seen in the background.

Plot 23 has had its hedge removed as well. This explains why plot 24 had previously had its hedge uprooted. There is a disease in the soil which is killing the hedge. There is a notice on the communal plot 23 which says the hedge must be burned in place and not transferred to a different plot or off site. This is to keep the disease transfer down.

But I am pleased that these two plots have been turned around and I am no longer surrounded by allotments that are growing weeds!

Plot 24 has been cleared … !!

Double exclamation points!! Then I noticed that the hedge running the length of plot 24 next to the main path through the Abbey Garden allotments had been removed. Or so I thought?!

But … No … according to another neighbour, the hedge was removed one or two years ago. I had not noticed because this plot was a mess and I couldn’t tell the difference. Only now, once it had been cleared had I noticed the hedge had gone.

So, I sent an email to the allotment association when I discovered that plot 24 had been cleaned for the first time in … at least … well, as far as I know … ever.

I wanted the allotment association to pass on my thanks to the plot owner for clearing this area.